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Friday, March 11, 2011

My Graditute Journal

Hi everyone ~~~
Wanted to share my "Graditude Journal" with you 's !
I used my Helmar Craft Glue, and the Liquid Scapdots(LOVE THOSE)
for extra dimention on this Cover. I started with 2 of my favorite papers...
G45, Le Romantique, and Webster pages for the "base". The ribbon rosette
as Maya Road, and the teal is from Amuse, tied onto my binder. The stamp
is Stampin ' Up... "The way to know Life, is to Love many things" Van Gogh.

And now comes the ongoing fun part... to daily or TRY to record, all the things,
in my life I am thankful, AND grateful for ! 
Let me tell you, here, I am grateful to those that are so supportive of me.!!!!
Thanks for comings back to "see" me.!
As Ever,  Moe

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  1. Moe..I can't see the picture but I'm thankful for you :)